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Disorders and Case Study

Disorders and Case Study The brain receives and responds to all stimuli of the body. Any alteration to the brain causes unusual stimuli receptions and responses. Because of that, the eating, personality, and sexual identity disorders are caused by the brain disturbances leading to abnormal communications between the brain and the respective body receptors. This paper will examine the details of the above mentioned disorders.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Disorders and Case Study specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Sexual and Gender Identity Disorder (SGID) Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders (SGID) are disorders exhibited by individuals when they persistently and strongly desire to be the opposite sexes. SGID can be classified into two categories. 1. Children SGIDs. 2. Adult and adolescent SGIDs. The Boys may claim that their reproductive organs are irritating. At times, they may not signify their male organs. In several occasions, they reje ct male toys. Such boys prefer female individuals to male colleagues (Sue, 2006). Girls with such disorders prefer urinating while standing just as men do. They desire to possess male reproductive organs, and they dislike future growth and development of their breasts. Such girls prefer male clothing to female clothing. In adults and adolescents, the victims desire to be handled as their opposite sexes, and they have classical emotions and responses to their cross-genders. On top of that, the victims are usually concerned with changing their sex organs (Sue, 2006). The behavioral components can be attributed to individuals’ exposure to unusual sexual behaviors such watching pornography (Stone, 2011). Such behaviors can cause sexual abnormalities. For cognitive components, a person can be triggered sexually to an abnormal level, which would produce maladaptive processes to contain the detected abnormality. Therefore, the unsuitable behaviors affect the maladaptive thoughts, wh ich are needed to contain such behaviors. The concerned biological components include smoking, sicknesses, unbalanced diet, and old age (Stone, 2011).Advertising Looking for essay on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In this case, vulnerabilities in the endocrine system are the core causes of the SGIOs. In addition to that, unusual sexual behaviors are used as protective measures by the victims. This behavior is attributed to the poor parental care (Stone, 2011). Eating disorders Eating disorders are mental sicknesses that cause severe alterations in an individual’s daily meal. It may begin as eating exceptionally small or seriously large quantities of food. This condition may begin slowly and develop into severe levels. It can cause serious injuries in growth, fertility, mental and social health, and death. Eating disorders impact the body shape and size (Mandal, 2013). The cognitive components are concerned with overeating or starving (Stone, 2011). This is due to the perception that overeating may cause excessive weight. Some individuals with over-sized bodies may opt for starvation because they fear of gaining weight. Emotional components are incorporated in individuals whose responses and hopes are very high as initiated and supported by some people (Stone, 2011). Such individuals set high targets and experience the impacts of failure (Stone, 2011). The behavioral components include extreme starving, training, vomiting, and use of laxatives. The neural connection, genetic materials, and hormonal imbalance form the biological elements of this disorder. Brain disturbance may lead to endocrine and hormonal imbalance, which would stimulate overeating or starvation (Stone, 2011). Personality disorders Personality disorders are concerned with the convincing ways individuals think and act (Cherry, 2013). It can also mean the model of behavior that makes people different. Personal ity traits are made up of characteristic behaviors and thoughts. When this reasoning and characteristic behaviors become rigid and extreme, they form personality disorders. Personality disorders are caused by the environmental and genetic impacts (Cherry, 2013). The personality components include disrupted brain make-up, minimized volume of white and grey matter, exposure of the prenatal matter, and unusual neurotransmitter (Stone, 2011). The emotional components result from childhood abuse, which makes a person to depend on maladaptive protection methods. Therefore, child disapproval and mockery are the primary causes of this disorder. The cognitive elements indicate that childhood encounters create particular forms of thoughts, which result in this disorder.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Disorders and Case Study specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The behavioral elements show that personality disorders command unpr oductive beliefs to individuals. These beliefs are unachievable because the victim sets high targets than he, or she can manage. This abnormality is created in childhood by the thought methods and /or maladaptive behaviors. This disorder continues regardless whether or not the victim is maladaptive Stone, 2011). The Classification of all these disorders is based on the DSM-IV codes for easy identification. Joe’s Story-Eating disorder Biological components Joe’s eating disorder originated from hormonal imbalance, genetic inheritance, and unusual neural connectivity. Since he suffered from anorexia, he must have had a low level of serotonin and unusual brain make-up. Joe might have experienced brain disturbances at birth, which triggered variations in endocrine and metabolic reactions to call for starvation (World –press, 2013). Emotional components The sickness hindered Joe from attaining his playing target. This triggered an anxiety and distress, which consequen tly triggered for an abnormal eating habit. Also, he was taking cover in eating after being abused by his friends in school (World –press, 2013). Behavioral components Joe did extreme exercises to avoid weight gain. Cognitive component Joe thought that overeating would make him more masculine and good-looking. Conclusion Because of the diagnostic complexities, it is difficult to establish abnormalities. Despite that, biological and psychodynamic aspects are making it easy to define abnormalities by providing reliable evidences. The cause of sexual, personality, and eating disorders include child abuse, physical abnormalities, and genetic inheritance. These abnormalities cause a great deal of human inadequacies.Advertising Looking for essay on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References Cherry,K.(2013).Overview of personality disorder. Retrieved from Mandal,A(2013).What is eating disorder? Retrieved from Stone,D.(2011).Psychological Musings. Retrieved from Sue, D. (2006). Understanding abnormal behavior. Retrieved from World -press. (2013).case study: Joe’s story.Retrieved from

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The Historical Formation of West Virginia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Historical Formation of West Virginia - Essay Example According to Lessing (1996) "West Virginia basically consists of two areas: namely, the western area which is called the Appalachian Plateau Province, a plateau of relatively flat-lying rocks and the eastern part in which the Valley and Ridge Province lay which consist of folded and faulted rocks. These two areas are divided by the Allegheny Front. In the eastern part of West Virginia the oldest rocks can be found and as one proceeds westward, the rocks are younger and younger". At the beginning of the Devonian Period the Helderberg group was being formed, followed by the Oriskany Formation, the Millboro Formation, the Brallier Formation, the Foreknobs Formation and the Hampshire Formation. In this report the most important geological features are being explained in a historical order. At the beginning of the Devonian time (Upper Devonian) the Helderberg Group was being formed. Baedke and Fichter (2000) state that "during the end of the previous period (which is called the Silurian Period) West Virginia had been a desert since the sea had regressed. But by the beginning of the Devonian Time the Tippecanoe sea began its major transgression, which caused a rise in sea level and as a result of this the land flooded". According to Dorobek and Read (1986) the Helderberg Group is a "is a mix of siliciclastic-carbonate sediments that was formed during a relativ stable tectonic environment, namely on a slope that consisted of low-relief tectonic highlands on the eastern side of the Appalachian Plateau Province. Dorobek at al. state that the Helderberg Group lasted bout 8-10 million years. In this timeperiod three transgressive-regressive eras can be distinguished from each other. Each sequence was shaped over 2-3 million years. Finally the Helderberg Group was buried by t hick Middle Devonian siliciclastic sediments". "By the end of the Upper Devonian Period the sea level had reduced again because of a major regression of the Tippecanoe sea. Rocks that had been deposited in West Virginia were removed because of erosion. Pure black quartz sand was spread across West Virginia through which the Oriskany formation was formed. This all happened during a rare period of tectonic stability" (Baedke and Fichter (2000)). "Brame 2001 claims that at the beginning of the Middle Devonian Period the sea level changed again because of transgression of the sea. Through the rise of the sealevel the Millboro sequence, a deep water black shale, could be formed" (pp25-26). During the end of the Middle Devonian Period (when the tectonics where unstable again) and the beginning of the Lower Devonian Period the Brallier sequence was formed. According to Brame (2001) "a part of the Brallier Formation, namely the Back Creek Silt-stone Member, has been formed by a tectonically caused clastic wedge. Brame (2001) states that another sequence of the Brallier Formation, namely the Minnehaha Springs Member, has been formed by erosion as a result of sea-level regressions" (pp27-29). During the Lower Devonian Period, when the shoreline was shifting, the Foreknobs Formation was deposited in a shelf environment. "The Foreknobs exist according to Brame (2001) of siltstone and sandstone. Brame (2001) adds that "the Foreknobs Formation was separated into five sequences: namely, the Mallow, Briery Gap, Blizzard, Pound Sandstone, and Red Lick. The Foreknobs Forma

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Middle East Conflicts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Middle East Conflicts - Essay Example Though history is replete with the countless wars fought between the followers belonging to divergent faiths, where both the sides asserted their claim to be the people of God, yet the Middle East crisis have witnessed over two centuries long clashes along with six decades long bloody struggle between the Jews and Muslims. Consequently, four wars have been fought between the two communities in order to win complete domination and hold in the region. Took place in 1948, 1967, 1973 and 2006, the Arab-Israel conflicts are the worst precedents of wars in the name of religion. Historical Background: During 19th century, when the nationalist movements began to emerge in Europe and Jews were being persecuted in Austria, Prussia and England by the orthodox Christians, the Jews started dreaming of acquiring their separate homeland, where no one could gather courage to hurt, humiliate and discard their community. Thus the Zionist movement came into being by the end of nineteenth century. The Jews started to shifting to Palestine and purchased land there en mass. Initially, the Arabs allowed them live side by side with them, but due to the continuous increase in Jewish population, the Arab nationalism emerged, and the young generation started resistance against further Jewish immigration in the region. Twentieth century brought the news of independence for countless nations in the aftermath of two Great Wars between the then superpowers of the world, which had weakened the UK, Germany, France, Austria and Japan. Palestine was under the subjugation of the Ottoman Empire till 1917, which was captured by the Allied Forces in the aftermath of WWI. The big powers allow the Jews to enter their ‘promised land’ Israel in the neighborhood of Jerusalem, the most sacred area for Jews on the earth. It was really perturbing for the Arabs, who had been in majority and political domination in the entire region for

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Absolute Time Essay Example for Free

Absolute Time Essay Instructions (Q 7-Q 16): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. â€Å"Life is not just party and pleasure; it is also pain and despair. Unthinkable things happen. Sometimes everything turns upside down. Bad things happen to good people. Some things are beyond control, such as physical disability and birth defects. We cannot choose our parents or the circumstances of our birth. So if the ball bounced that way, sorry. But what do we do from here; cry or take the ball and run? That is a choice we have to make. On a clear day, there are hundreds of boats sailing in all different directions in a lake. How come? Even though the wind is blowing in one direction, the sailboats are going in different directions. What is the difference? It depends on the way the sail is set, and that is determined by the sailor. The same is true of our lives. We cant choose the direction of the wind, but we can choose how we set the sail. We can choose our attitude even though we cannot always choose our circumstances. The choice is either to act like a victor or a victim. It is not our position but our disposition that determines our destiny. It takes both rain and sunshine to create a rainbow. Our lives are no different. There is happiness and sorrow. There is the good and the bad; dark and bright spots. If we can handle adversity, it only strengthens us. We cannot control all the events that happen in our lives, but we can control how we deal with them. Richard Blechnyden wanted to promote Indian tea at the St. Louis World fair in 1904. It was very hot and no one wanted to sample his tea. Blechnyden saw that all the other iced drinks were doing flourishing business. It dawned on him to make his tea into an iced drink, mix in sugar and sell it. He did and people loved it. That was the introduction of iced tea to the world. When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, we can react responsibly or resentfully. Human beings are not like an action which has no choice. An action cannot decide whether to become a giant tree or to become food for the squirrels. Human beings have choices. If nature gives us a lemon, we have a choice: either cry or make lemonade. † 7. â€Å"We cannot choose our parents or the circumstances of our birth† – by this statement what does the author mean? (a) Some things do not take place according to our choice (b) There are certain things in which we do not have any reach (c) Some things in this world are pre-determined. (d) All of the above Ans. (d) 8. By what the author tells us that choice is ours? (a) We can cry (b) We can take the ball and run away (c) We can either cry or can take the ball and run away (d) None of the above Ans. (c) 9. The opposite of the word ‘victor’? (a) Loser (b) Winner (c) Victim (d) Warrior Ans. (a) 10. What determines our destiny? (a) The way that we normally think and behave, that shows what type of person we are (d) The position we hold (c) Our being a winner (d) All of the above Ans. (a) 11. The best title for the above passage could be – (a) Right Choice (b) Pre-determination. (c) Choices defines our lives (d) Life is all about making the right choices Ans. (d) 12. According to the author, what still can be chosen if not everything in life? (a) Circumstances (b) Attitude (c) direction of life (d) None of these Ans. (b) 13. On what has the author emphasized? (a) Destiny (b) Choice (c) Action (d) All of these Ans. (b) 14. By the example of Blechnyden’s Iced Tea which message does the author give? (a) Choice is ours (b) Destiny is pre-determined (c) We have fix actions; we can not do beyond that (d) None of the above Ans. (a) 15. What does actually strengthen us? (a) Making choices (b) Handling adversity (c) Determining destiny (d) Working beyond capacity Ans. (b) 16. The synonym of ‘flourishing’ is – (a) Spoiling (b) Drowning (c) Booming (d) Hiding Ans. (c) 17. During a 5-day festival, the number of visitors tripled each day. If the festival opened on a Thursday with 345 visitors, what was the attendance on that Sunday? (a) 345 (b)1,035 (c)1,725 (d) 9,315 Ans. (d) 18. Which of the following has the least value? (a) 0. 27 (b) 1/4 (c) 3/8 (d) 11% Ans. (d) 19. Which year did the same number of boys and girls attend the conference? (a) 1995 (b) 1996 (c) 1997. (d) 1998 Ans. (a) 20. Which two years did the least number of boys attend the convention? (a) 1995 and 1996 (b) 1995 and 1998 (c) 1996 and 1997 (d) 1997 and 1994 Ans. (a) 21. Examine the following three statements : 1. Proceesed meat is a perishable food 2. All perishable foods are packed in sealed tins 3. Sealed tins sometimes to do not contains processed meat Which one of the following inferences can be drawn from the above statements? (a) Sealed tins always contain perishable food (b) Processed meat is sometimes not packed in sealed tins (c) Proceessed meat is always packed in seald tins. (d) Non-Perishable foods are never packed in seald tins Ans. (c) 22. Production of Rice and Wheat (In millions of Tonnes)| | Year| Rice| Wheat| Percentage of Wheat to Rice| 1950-51| 20. 58| 6. 46| 31. 4| 1960-61| 34. 58| 11. 00| 31. 8| 1970-71| 42. 22| 23. 83| 56. 4| 1980-81| 53. 63| 36. 31| 67. 7| 1990-91| 74. 29| 55. 14| 74. 2| 1994-95| 81. 81| 65. 77| 80. 4| 1995-96| 79. 62| 62. 62| 78. 6| The above table indicates the performance in India in rice and wheat production from 1950-51 to 1995-96. Which of the following conclusions arrived at from the above table would be valid? 1. Record production of rice as well as wheat has been in 1994-95 2. The ratio of wheat to rice production seems to have steadily increased over 16 years 3. Wheat has not been popular among the Indian population before 1980. 4. India became self-sufficient in rice and wheat only after 1990. Select the correct answer using the codes given below Codes: (a) 1 and 2 (b) 1, 2, 3 and 4 (c) 3 and 4 (d) None Ans. (a) 23. A father left a will of Rs. 35 lakhs between his two daughters aged 8. 5 and 16 such that they may get equal amounts when each of them reach the age of 21 years. The original amount of Rs. 35 lakhs has been instructed to be invested at 10% p. a. simple interest. How much did the elder daughter get at the time of the will? (a) Rs. 17. 5 lakhs (b) Rs. 21 lakhs (c) Rs. 15 lakhs (d) Rs. 20 lakhs Ans. (b) 24. What will Rs. 1500 amount to in three years if it is invested in 20% p. a. compound interest, interest being compounded annually? (a) 2400 (b) 2592 (c) 2678 (d) 2540 Ans. (b) 25. What is the area of the largest triangle that can be fitted into a rectangle of length aâ‚ ¬? laâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ units and width aâ‚ ¬? waâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ units? (a) lw/3 (b) (2lw)/3 (c) (3lw)/4. (d) (lw)/2 Ans. (d) 26. Which of the following is inCorrect? (a) An incentre is a point where the angle bisectors meet. (b) The median of any side of a triangle bisects the side at right angle. (c) The point at which the three altitudes of a triangle meet is the orthocentre (d) The point at which the three perpendicular bisectors meet is the centre of the circumcircle. Ans. (b) 27. How long will it take for a sum of money to grow from Rs. 1250 to Rs. 10,000, if it is invested at 12. 5% p. a simple interest? (a) 8 years (b) 64 years (c) 72 years (d) 56 years Ans. (d) 28. Rs. 5887 is divided between Shyam and Ram, such that Shyamaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s share at the end of 9 years is equal to Ramaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s share at the end of 11 years, compounded annually at the rate of 5%. Find the share of Shyam. (a) 2088 (b) 2000 (c) 3087 (d) None of these Ans. (c) Directions (Q 28-Q 32): Study the following information carefully to answer these questions. Eight members A, B, C, 0, E, F, G and H belonging to three families X, Y, Z go for weekend outing in three different cars I, II, III. Four out of the eight members are females. Members of any one family travel in different cars. Each car has at least one male and one female member. Each family has at least two members. A belongs to family Y and he travels in car III. D is wife of E and they travel in cars I and II respectively. H is son of B, who is wife ofG, and they belong to family Z. C is daughter of F, who is wife of A. C travels in car II. G does not travel with F. 29. Which of the following groups of persons travels in car I? (a) 0, F,G (b) D,E,G (c) D,G, H (d) D, F, H Ans. (d) 30. Which of the following members of families Y and Z travel in different cars? (a) F,G (b) C,G (c) F,H (d) None of these. Ans. (a) 31. Which of the following groups of persons is a group of all females? (a) B,D,G (b) A,B,C (c) B,E,F (d) None of these Ans. (d) 32. Which of the following members of families X and Y travel in the same car? (a) C,F (b) D,F (c) C,0 (d) F, E Ans. (b) 33. When a student weighing 45 kgs left a class, the average weight of the remaining 59 students increased by 200g. What is the average weight of the remaining 59 students? (a) 57 kgs (b) 56. 8 kgs (c) 58. 2 kgs (d) 52. 2 kgs Ans. (a) 34. Three math classes: X, Y, and Z, take an algebra test. The average score in class X is 83. The average score in class Y is 76. The average score in class Z is 85. The average score of all students in classes X and Y together is 79. The average score of all students in classes Y and Z together is 81. What is the average for all the three classes? (a) 81 (b) 81. 5 (c) 82 (d) 84. 5 Ans. (b) 35. The average of 5 quantities is 10 and the average of 3 of them is 9. What is the average of the remaining 2? (a) 11 (b) 12 (c) 11. 5 (d) 12. 5 Ans. (c) 36. A stairway 10ft high is such that each step accounts for half a foot upward and one-foot forward. What distance will an ant travel if it starts from ground level to reach the top of the stairway? (a) 30 ft (b) 33 ft (c) 10 ft (d) 29 ft Ans. (d) 37. Each interior angle of a regular polygon is 120 degrees greater than each exterior angle. How many sides are there in the polygon? (a) 6 (b) 8 (c)12 (d) 3 Ans. (c) 38. A and B are two points with the co-ordinates (-2, 0) and (0, 5). What is the length of the diagonal AC if AB form one of the sides of the square ABCD? (a) units (b) units (c) units (d) units Ans. (b) 39. The average weight of a class of 24 students is 36 years. When the weight of the teacher is also included, the average weight increases by 1kg. What is the weight of the teacher? (a) 60 kgs (b) 61 kgs (c) 37 kgs (d) None of these Ans. (b) 40. The average of 5 quantities is 10 and the average of 3 of them is 9. What is the average of the remaining 2? (a) 11 (b) 12 (c) 11. 5 (d) 12. 5 Ans. (c) Instruction (Q. 40-Q 43): Four question given below are based on the following information. Answer the questions after reading the information carefully. (i) Nine friends A, B,C, D, E, F, G, H, and I are sitting on a bench in the classroom. (ii) ‘C’ who is at immediate right of ‘D’ is third to the right of ‘E’. (iii) ‘B’ is at one end. (iv) ‘H’ is nearest neighbour of ‘F’ and ‘G’ (v) ‘F’ is third to the left of ‘B’ (vi) ‘A’ is at immediate left of ‘F’ 41. Which of the following statement is correct on the basis of above order of sitting? (a) D and H Have three people sitting between them. (b) ‘B’ is fourth to the right of F. (c) ‘I’ is at immediate left of A. (d) E and C are Neighbours. Ans. (a) 42. Which of the following groups of friends is sitting at the left of ‘C’? (a) BIG (b) AFH (c) EID (d) BAG Ans. (c) 43. Which of the following is at the other end i. e. other that that end on which ‘B’ is sitting? (a) G (b) H (c) I (d) E Ans. (d) 44. Who is sitting exactly in the middle of the bench? (a) H (b) C (c) A (d) G Ans. (c) 45. A 400 meter long train crosses and 800 meter long platform in 1 min 20 sec. What is the speed of the train? (a) 48 km/hr (b) 60 km/hr (c) 72 km/hr (d) 54 km/hr Ans. (d) 46. If the root of equation px2 + qx +r = 0 is double of the other root, which one the following is correct? (a) 2 q2 = 9 pr (b) 2 q2 = 9 (c) 4 q2 = 9 r (d) 9 q2 = 2 pr Ans. (a) 47. A takes 4 days and B takes 5 days to finish a job. If both of them work together on the same job, what proportion of the work is done by A? (a) 4/9 (b) 5/9 (c) 6/9. (d) 7/9 Ans. (b) 48. The 3rd term of a Geometric progression is 36 and its 6th term is 288. Its 8th term will be: (a) 784 (b) 576 (c) 1152 (d) 2302 Ans. (c) 49. In a two digit number, the sum of the digits is 8. If 54 is subtracted from this number, its digits interchange themselves. What is the product of the digits of the number? (a) 7 (b) 12 (c) 16 (d) 0 Ans. (a) 50. The difference between simple interest and compound interest on certain amount for 2 years at the same rate of interest is Rs. 18. If the rate doubled, what will be the difference? (a) Rs. 9 (b) Rs. 36 (c) Rs. 72 (d) Rs. 27 Ans. (c) 51. A dog is tied to a pole by a long chain. Keeping the chain fully stretched, the dog moves along a circular path covering 132 m, subtends an angle of 90 degree at the centre, Neglecting the portion of the chain used in typing, find the length of the chain. (a) 70 m (b) 78 m (c) 84 m (d) 88 m Ans. (c) 52. A merchant buys same quantities of two types of toys – one at the rate of 3 toys for Rs. 10 and the other, at the rate of 5 toys for Rs. 20. At what price he must sell all the toys so that he has no profit and no loss in the transaction? (a) 8 toys for Rs. 30 (b) 3 toys for Rs. 11 (c) 5 toys for Rs. 18. (d) 8 toys for Rs. 22 Ans. (b) 53. Find the equation of a line whose intercepts are twice of the line 3x – 2y – 12 = 0 (a) 3x – 2y = 24 (b) 2x – 3y = 12 (c) 2x – 3y = 24 (d) None of these Ans. (a) 54. The difference between the compound interest and the simple interest on a certain sum at 12% p. a. for two years is Rs. 90. What will be the value of the amount at the end of 3 years? (a) 9000 (b) 6250 (c) 8530. 80 (d) 8780. 80 Ans. (d) 55. Vijay invested Rs. 50,000 partly at 10% and partly at 15%. His total income after a year was Rs. 7000. How much did heinvest at the rate of 10%? (a) Rs. 40,000 (b) Rs. 40,000. (c) Rs. 12,000 (d) Rs. 20,000 Ans. (b) 56. The average weight of a class of 24 students is 36 years. When the weight of the teacher is also included, the average weight increases by 1kg. What is the weight of the teacher? (a) 60 kgs (b) 61 kgs (c) 37 kgs (d) None of these Ans. (b) Instructions for the following Question: Read the following information to answer the question given below. The following conditions have been decided for the selection of Research Assistants. The candidate must: (i) Be less than 35 years of age. (ii) Be graduate in Psychology, Education or Commerce or Postgraduate in any other subject. (iii) Secure 50% marks in entrance examination. (iv) Secure A or O grade in Interview. (v) Have passed a certificate course in Methodology Research. (vi) Have recommendation of any one lecturer. If a candidate fulfills all the conditions, except (a) (i), but if he is registered for Ph. D. , his case is to be kept in waiting list. (b) (iii), but if he has secured 45% marks in entrance examination and O grade in interview, his case is to be referred to the Dean. (c) (v), but if he has qualified certificate course in Statistics, his case is to be referred to the Head Of Department. You have to decide in each of the following cases that what is the possibility of selection of the candidate? If the information is not sufficient to take any decision then your answer will be ‘data inadequate’. This information has been given to you as on 15. 12. 1996. 57. Raman has secured 60% marks in graduation with commerce subject. He has got specialization in certificate course in Methodology Research and he also has the recommendation from the lecturer under whom he is registered for Ph. D. His date of birth is 9. 12. 61. He has secured 68% marks in entrance examination and got A grade in interview. (a) Will not be selected. (b) Data inadequate (c) Will be selected. (d) Will be kept in waiting List. Ans. (d) 58. ’ means ‘–’; ‘–’ means ‘x’; ‘x’ means ‘+’ and ‘+’If ‘ 80 – 40 + 20 = ? ’, then 40 ? 120 means ‘ (a) 80 (b) 120 (c) 60 (d) 0 Ans: (d) 59. A businessman makes a profit of 20% on the sale of leather. If he were to add 10% artificial matter to the leather, by what percent would his profit increase? (a) 25% (b) 60% (c) 40% (d) 45% Ans. (b) 60. In a team, eight boys play Chess. The remaining boys, who represent 7 times the square root of the strength of the tem, play Mouth organ. What is the strength of the team? (a) 36 (b) 16 (c) 64 (d) 100 Ans. (c) 61. Cost price of 15 Computers is equal to the selling price of 20 Computers, then the loss percent would be (a) 25% (b) 20% (c) 30% (d) 45% Ans. (a) 62. How many natural numbers between 1 and 900 are not multiples of any of the numbers 2, 3, or 5? (a) 240 (b) 250 (c) 270 (d) 300 Ans. (a) 63. The age of a man is three times the sum of the ages of his two sons. Five years hence, his age will be double of the sum of the ages of his sons. The father’s present age is (a) 40 years (b) 45 years (c) 50 years (d) 55 years. Ans. (b) Instruction (Q 62-Q 63): In the two questions given below, a statement followed by two arguments I and II has been given. You have to decide which argument is strong and which one is weak? Give your answer as: (a) If only argument I is strong; (b) If only agreement II is strong; (c) If neither argument I nor argument II is strong; (d) If both argument I and argument II are strong. 64. Statement: Should freelance work programme be stopped at private companies? Argument: I. Yes, the mutual interaction of the employee and office environment helps in overall quality of work. II. No, such demand comes from that group only who don’t have any idea of work loads and pressure. Ans. (d) 65. Statement: Should usage of pesticides in agriculture be banned in India? Agriculture be banned in India? Arguments: I. Yes, because pesticides pollute the environment and are also harmful for the ecology. II. No, the safety of crops is not possible without these and food products will become very expensive due to lack of food production. Ans. (d) 66. If the numbers representing volume and surface area of a cube are equal, then the length of the edge of the cube in terms of the unit of measurement will be (a) 3. (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) 6 Ans. (d) 67. In a group of travelling in a bus, 6 persons can speak Tamil, 15 can speak Hindi and 6 can speak Gujrati. In that group none can speak any other language. If 2 persons in the group can speak two languages and one person can speak all the three languages, then how many persons are there in the group? (a) 21 (b) 22 (c) 23 (d) 24 Ans. (d) 68. A boat which has a speed of 5 km/hr in still water crosses a river of width 1 km along the shortest possible path in 15 minutes. The velocity of the river water in km/hr is (a) 1 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) v41 Ans. (a) 69. When three coins are tossed together the probability that all coins have the same face up, is (a) 1/3 (b) 1/6 (c) 1/8 (d) 1/12 Ans. (c) Directions (Q 68-Q 72):,Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the questions given below: H93P$KE%4FR I [emailprotected] ©*N8VJ 70. If all the symbols and numbers are dropped from the above arrangement, which of the following will be the fourteenth from the right end? (a) M (b) K (c) W (d) E Ans. (d) 71. What should come in place of the question mark (? ) in the following series based on the above arrangement? _PK% RUW M5Q ? (a)  ©N8. (b)  ©N15 (c) 15*15 (d) 6*8 Ans. (a) 72. How many such numbers are there in the above arrangement each of which is immediately preceded by a letter and immediately followed by a symbol? (a) None (b) One (c) Two (d) Three Ans. (b) 73. Which of the following is the seventh-to the left of the twentieth from the left end of the above arrangement? (a) U (b)S (c)M (d)N Ans. (a) 74. How many such consonants are there in the above arrangement each of which is immediately followed by a number but not immediately preceded by a number? (a) None (b) One (c) Two (d) More than three Ans. (d) 75. Left pan of faulty weighs 100gram more than is right pan. A shopkeeper keeps the weight measure in the left pan while buying goods but keeps it in the right pan while selling his goods. He uses only 1kg weight measure. If he sells his goods at the listed cost price, What is his gain? (a) 200/11% (b) 100/11% (c) 1000/9% (d) 200/9% Ans. (a) 76. Societies have been increasing in complexity from folk to industrial. Under this circumstances, according to you social control is more likely to be invested in (a) family (b) school (c) state (d) religious structures Ans. (c). Instructions (Q 77-Q 86): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. â€Å"The big difference between the ideas of Aristotle and those of Galileo and Newton is that Aristotle believed in a preferred state of rest, which any body would take up if it were not driven by some force or impulse. In particular, he thought that the earth was at rest. But it follows from Newton’s laws that there is no unique standard of rest. One could equally well say that body A was at rest and body B was moving at constant speed with respect to body A, or that body B was at rest and body A was moving. For example, if one sets aside for a moment the rotation of the earth and its orbit round the sun, one could say that the earth was at rest and that a train on it was travelling north at ninety miles per hour or that the train was at rest and the earth was moving south at ninety miles per hour. If one carried out experiments with moving bodies on the train, all Newton’s laws would still hold. For instance, playing Ping-pong on the train, one would find that the ball obeyed Newton’s laws just like a ball on a table by the track. So there is no way to tell whether it is the train or the earth that is moving. The lack of an absolute standard of rest meant that one could not determine whether two events that took place at different times occurred in the same position in space. For example, suppose our Ping-Pong ball on the train bounces straight up and down. Hitting the table twice on the same spot one second apart. To someone on the track, the two bounces would seem to take place about forty meters apart, because the train wood have traveled that far down the track between the bounces. The nonexistence of absolute rest therefore meant that one could not give an event an absolute position in space, as Aristotle had believed. The position of events and the distance between them would be different far a person of the train and one on he track, and there would be no reason to prefer one person’s position to the other’s. Newton was very worried by this lack of absolute position, or absolute space, as it was called, because it did not accord with his idea of an absolute God. In fact, he refused to accept lack of absolute space, even though it was implied by his laws. He was severely criticized for this irrational belief by many people, most notably by Bishop Berkeley, a philosopher who believed that all material objects and space and time are an illusion. When the famous Dr. Johnson was told of Brekeley’s opinion, he cried, â€Å"I refute it thus! † and stubbed his toe on a large stone. Both Aristotle and Newton believed in absolute time. That is, they believed that one could unambiguously measure the interval of time between two events, and that this time would be the same whoever measured it, provided they used a good clock. Time was completely separate from and independent of space. This is what most people would take to be the commonsense view. However, we have had to change our ideas about space and time. Although our apparently commonsense nations work well when dealing with things like apples, or planets that travels comparatively slowly, they don’t work at all things moving at or near the speed of light. † 77. Consider the following statements: 1. Newton is a firm beliver of both absolute time and a preferred state of rest 2. Aristotle believer in absolute time 3. Newton believes in absolute time 4. Galileo believes in a preferred state of rest (a) 1 Only (b) 1 2 (c) 2 3 (d) 1, 2, 3 4 Ans. (c) 78. According to the author, what is the need of space? 1. To set an absolute standard of rest 2. To determine rest and motion. 3. To determiner whether two events taking place at the same time takes place in the same space also 4. To determine the defference between time and space (a) 1 2 (b) 1, 2 3 (c) 3 4 (d) 1, 2, 3 4 Ans. (c) 79. According to Aristotle- (a) Position of events and distances between them an different (b) Space is nonexistent (c) All nonexistent bodies have absolute rest (d) None of the above Ans. (a) 80. From the passage what can we infer? (a) There is no rest (b) There is rest (c) There is absolute rest (d) There is no absolute rest Ans. (d) 81. What seems contradictory in Newton’s laws? (a) Newton’s concept of Absolute God. (b) Concept of Absolute space (c) Concept of rest (d) None of these Ans. (b) 82. Who discards material objects and space and time? (a) Newton (b) Aristotle (c) Barkeley (d) Galileo Ans. (c) 83. Consider the following statements according to the information provided in paragraph three? (a) On Barkeleys opinion, Dr. Johnson had no remarks (b) Dr. Johnson criticized Barkeley vehemently (c) Dr. Johnson accepted Barkeley’s view (d) Dr. Johnson was indifferent Ans. (b) 84. â€Å"The interval of time between two events can be measured unambiguously. †-this implies- (a) Absolute space (b) Absolute time (c) Both Absolute time and absolute space (d). Neither absolute time non absolute space Ans. (b) 85. The term â€Å"unambiguous† means? (a) Clean and proper (b) Perfect (c) Confusing or not difined (d) Well difined Ans. (c) 86. What does the author openion in the passage? (a) Time is completely separated and independent from space (b) Time and space and interdependent (c) Time is dependent on space and not vice-versa (d) Space is dependment on time and vice-versa Ans. (a) 87. A sum of money invested for a certain number of years at 8% p. a. simple interest grows to Rs. 180. The same sum of money invested for the same number of years at 4% p. a.simple interest grows to Rs. 120 only. For how many years was the sum invested? (a) 25 years (b) 40 years (c) 33 years and 4 months (d) Cannot be determined Ans. (a) 88. How long will it take for a sum of money to grow from Rs. 1250 to Rs. 10,000, if it is invested at 12. 5% p. a simple interest? (a) 8 years (b) 64 years (c) 72 years (d) 56 years Ans. (d) 89. Rs. 5887 is divided between Shyam and Ram, such that Shyamaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s share at the end of 9 years is equal to Ramaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s share at the end of 11 years, compounded annually at the rate of 5%. Find the share of Shyam. (a) 2088 (b) 2000 (c) 3087 (d) None of these Ans. (c) 90. An equilateral triangular plate is to be cut in to n number of identical small equilateral triangular plates. Which of the following can be possible value of n? (a) 196 (b) 216 (c) 256 (d) 296 Ans. (c) 91. Find the area of the sector covered by the hour hand after it has moved through 3 hours and the length of the hour hand is 7cm. (a) 1. 77 sq. cm (b) 2. 38. 5 sq. cm (c) 3. 35 sq. cm (d) 4. 70 sq. cm Ans. (b) 92. Left pan of faulty weighs 100gram more than is right pan. A shopkeeper keeps the weight measure in the left pan while buying goods but keeps it in the right pan while selling his goods. He uses only 1kg weight measure. If he sells his goods at the listed cost price, What is his gain? (a) 200/11% (b) 100/11% (c) 1000/9% (d) 200/9% Ans. (a) 93. Societies have been increasing in complexity from folk to industrial. Under this circumstances, according to you social control is more likely to be invested in (a) family (b) school (c) state (d) religious structures Ans. (c) 94. Each interior angle of a regular polygon is 120 degrees greater than each exterior angle. How many sides are there in the polygon? (a) 6 (b) 8 (c) 12 (d) 3 Ans. (c) 95. In the following question, the student’s clinical judgement is assessed: A 28 year old woman with one child has taken anti-thyroid drugs for 6 months for thyrotoxicosis. She has a friend who has been successfully treated with radioiodine. She finds she frequently forgets to take her drugs and wants to stop them to have radio-iodine treatment. 1. She should be told that because of her age radio-iodine is best avoided. 2. The problems associated with radio-iodine should be discussed with her. 3. Surgery as a possible alternative should be discussed with her. 4. She should be advised that some form of further treatment is required. 5. You should find out more about her friend’s treatment. (a) 1 only (b) 2, 3 4 (c) 1 5 (d) 1, 2 3 Ans. (b) 96. In a certain store, the profit is 320% of the cost. If the cost increases by 25% but the selling price remains constant, approximately what percentage of the selling price is the profit? (a) 30% (b) 70% (c) 100% (d) 250% Ans. (b) Directions for the following questions from Question No 97 to Question No 100: The following passage in this section is followed by questions based on the content of the reading passage. Read the passage carefully and chose the best answer to each question below. â€Å"But man is not destined to vanish. He can be killed, but he cannot be destroyed, because his soul is deathless and his spirit is irrepressible. Therefore, though the situation seems dark in the context of the confrontation between the superpowers, the silver lining is provided by amazing phenomenon that the very nations which have spent incalculable resources and energy for the production of deadly weapons are desperately trying to find out how they might never be used. They threaten each other, intimidate each other and go to the brink, but before the total hour arrives they withdraw from the brink. † 97. What is the synonym of the word, confrontation? (a) Being face to face (b) Involving in a clash (c) Fair relationship (d) None of the above Ans: (a) 98. What is the crux of the passage? (a) Mans soul and spirit can not be destroyed by superpowers. (b) Mans soul and spirit are immortal. (c)Mans safety is assured by the delicate balance of power in terms of nuclear weapons. (d) Human society will survive despite the serious threat of total annihilation. Ans : (d) 99. The phrase Go to the brink in the passage means (a) Retreating from extreme danger. (b) Declare war on each other. (c) Advancing to the stage of war but not engaging in it. (d) Commit suicide. Ans : (c) 100. What is the author’s opinion? (a) Nations in possession of huge stockpiles of lethal weapons are trying hard to avoid actual conflict. (b) Huge stockpiles of destructive weapons have so far saved mankind from a catastrophe. (c) Mankind is heading towards complete destruction.

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The Italian Wars :: history

The Italian Wars The Italian Wars 1494-1559: - Introduction: The key issues over which the Italian Wars were fought were primarily financial incentives for Charles VIII of France. He declared that he intended to use Naples as a base to drive the Ottomans out of Europe and liberate Constantinople. In actual truth his main motivation was self-glory and the mouth-watering prospect of acquiring some exquisite prizes of war. On the way he would acquire rich cities and portable pieces of art. It seems that this invasion had been planned for two years prior since Charles had already bought off potential rivals like Henry VII of England, Ferdinand and Macsimilion. He had also enlisted the support of Genoa and Milan, both within Italy. The regent of Milan, Ludovico Sforza, needed allies and his invitation in 1594 seemed to Charles’ plans perfectly. He accepted and the Italian wars began. Also, the Cardinal of Genoa resented the current Pope, Alexander VI. He invited Charles to come in, depose him and spark off the eagerly awaited church reform. Events 1494-1516: - There was a mixed reaction to the arrival of Charles in Italy. Florence revolted against its leader, Piero de Medici. The Popes army deserted him. In Naples the king died and rather than unite against his son the populous decided to capitulate. There was however some reaction against Charles’ activities. Ferdinand of Aragon decreed that since Naples was subject to the papacy, that the Popes honour had been attacked. He formed the League of Venice. His main intentions were to expel Charles and become the ruler of a united Naples, Sicily and Aragon. Charles began to withdraw to France and although he won a battle at Fornovo, his outnumbered garrisons couldn’t retain Naples. By 1498 the situation in Italy was one of chaos and turmoil. Charles died in 1498, which meant that there wasn’t going to be a re-invasion. Popular uprisings in Milan and Florence saw the Medicis and the Sforzas overthrown. Civil war was raging on between Pisa and Florence and the accession of Louis VIII as French King meant that the prospects for peace did not look too good. Louis had inherited Naples, but his main objective was Milan, which he invaded in 1499. He settled for the Western half and gave the Eastern half to Venice. He then headed southward to Naples, which he had agreed to jointly rule with Ferdinand.

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Perform a Byte-Level Computer Audit Essay

1. What is the main purpose of a software tool like WinAudit in computer forensics? Answer: WinAudit is a great free tool that will give you a comprehensive view of the components that make up your system, including hardware, software and BIOS. 2. Which items within WinAudit’s initial report would you consider to be of critical importance in a computer forensic investigation? Answer: Computer Name, OS, Security Settings for Windows Firewall, Drives, Running Programs, and Installed Programs and Versions. 3. Could you run WinAudit from a flash drive or any other external media? If so, why is this important during a computer forensic investigation? Answer: Yes, WinAudit is a portable Application. Because if you’re conducting audits on several computers, having the app on a Flash Drive can make the process much easier and more time efficient. 4. Why would you use a tool like DevManView while performing a computer forensic investigation? Answer: DevManView is an alternative to the standard Device Manager of Windows, which displays all devices and their properties in flat table, instead of tree viewer. In addition to displaying the devices of your local computer, DevManView also allows you view the devices list of another computer on your network, as long as you have administrator access rights to this computer. 5. Which item or items within DevManView’s list would you consider to be of critical importance in a computer forensic investigation? Answer: Most likely the Hdrives and USB storage devices and/or any other computer hardware on the network. 6. What tool similar to DevMan View is already present in Microsoft Windows systems? Answer: WinHEX is similar to DevMan. 7. Why would someone use a HEX editor during a forensic investigation? Answer: To see if the files and data recovered from the hard drive are original and authentic. 8. What is the purpose of a software tool like WinHEX in computer forensics? Answer: It’s a tool that can recovery important and sensitive data that has been deleted. This tool is also used for editing or whipping the info from the drive. 9. What was the proper extension of the file you analyzed using WinHEX? How did you find it? Answer: 10. Why do you need to keep evidence untampered? In order to guarantee legal admissibility? Answer: For legal reasons. So, the evidence can be used in Court. If the evidence is not authentic, it can be thrown out of court.

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My Clinical Experiences Working With My Preceptor - 906 Words

My clinical experiences working with my preceptor thus far have been constructive. She holds strong organizational and leadership skills necessary to interact with stakeholders at all levels within the organizations. My preceptor provided guidance and insight in choosing my project focus, to create another infection control position in the hospital, because I have never performed this function in my management role. Joyce believed the proposing approval for an additional position for the Infection Control Department would be the most beneficial learning experience for my practicum to tie in both leadership and organizational transformation. My preceptor examined my self-assessment write-up and discussed my leadership style, while offering insight of my weaknesses and strengths. Her leadership style combined the various leadership styles as the situation at hand when providing me guidance. She suggested doing a self-reflection of myself to determine these weaknesses and strengths to d etermine my personal goals in becoming an effective leader. She also provided guidance in the development of my goals and objectives to meet the assigned SMART goals. She said that a goal is an overarching principle that guides one’s decision-making, which is literature based. I attended many meetings with my preceptor that offered provided me a better understanding of our hospital’s organizational development through leaderships eyes. The administrative team meeting discussion was based on theShow MoreRelatedClinical Experience Assignment : Clinical Assessment971 Words   |  4 Pages Clinical Experience Assignment # 1 Virender Kaur California State University, Bakersfield Clinical Experience Assignment # 1 An issue that I encountered during one of my clinical rotations at Bakersfield Heart Hospital was between a nurse and a physician. My preceptor and I were taking care of a patient with Marfan syndrome who came the night before with shortness of breath and extreme pain in his whole body. The patient told us that his pain is 9/10, and the pain medicationsRead MoreRelationship Between An Experienced Registered Nurse Essay1218 Words   |  5 Pagesplanned orientation in a specific clinical setting. Smedley (2008) and Ulrich (2012) suggest that the preceptor supports the improvement of practical skills, theoretical understanding, and professionalism in preceptees through direction, leadership, influence and evaluation. Khan, Ali, Vazir, Barolia and Rehan, (2012) showed that knowledge is improved by problem-based learning, skills improved with demonstration and attitude improves with reflection. The preceptor also helps in exposing and socialisingRead MoreReflection of Nursing Student1449 Words   |  6 Pagesthinking about my upcoming clinical placement because even though I have been working as a patient care assistant at Royal Darwin Hospital for a year and had already undergone clinical teaching block for one week . The responsibility of being a nurse is big and much complex than my current job [1.2 Fulfils the duty of care] especially when handling assigned patients. Thus, need to have a good supervision from my clinical preceptor to meet the best possible nursing care to my patient with in my scope ofRead MoreI Am Becoming A Nurse Practitioner Essay1479 Words   |  6 PagesClinical Reflective Going back to when I was a novice nurse, I was nervous, scared, afraid of making medication error, charting errors or fail to recognized patients worsening symptoms. These fears, made me vigilant, focused and kept me on my toes at all times. No matter which part of nursing I ended up as I grew up the from medical surgical nursing to stepdown unit nursing to intensive care nursing, I felt those fears in every step of my growth and they helped me be a better nurse for my pateintsRead MoreThe Importance Of A Nurse Practice Act1509 Words   |  7 Pagesnursing profession but one of the more complex nursing functions for them to comprehend is that of delegation. Delegation is the act of assigning other competent staff members a specific task. Although this may sound easy to do it requires enhanced clinical judgment and accountability for patient care. Since nurses possess specific skills and competence in performing their role they must delegate tasks appropriately. To delegate properly one must understand one’s state nurse practice act which outlinesRead MoreA Critique Of Leadership Style1132 Words   |  5 PagesThis paper is a critique of preceptor leadership methods. I will describe my current preceptor’s leadership style, giving an example of an observed valuable leadership strategy and why I found it to be successful. Shadowed by an example of an observed unsuccessful leadership strategy, how I responded, and a recommended strategy for the situation described. Ending with the type of leader I aspire to be in the future and my final thought regarding leadership. Preceptor Leadership Style First, I willRead MoreThe Novice Nurse : Bridging Gap Between Education And Clinical Practice Essay1442 Words   |  6 PagesThe preceptor assists the novice nurse in bridging the gap between education and clinical practice (Sonya Blevis, 2016). In an NETP (Nurse Entry To Practice), a new graduate is partnered with an experienced nurse who is proficient in teaching a novice. New graduate nurse gets to work in the ward for 1 year and have 6 weeks of orientation phase. Staff nurse introduces the new staff member to the nursing, medical and non-medical team, orientates to the unit and guides until the orientation is completeRead MoreCase Study : Childrens Hospital Labor Delivery Triage 1092 Words   |  5 PagesJuly 11, 2015 Clinical Unit: OU Children’s Hospital Labor Delivery/ Triage 1. What were your â€Å"ah ha† moments? For example: What surprised you? Did you have a moment when practice clicked into place with theory? Did you have a moment when you saw something related to what you had previously only heard about? Did something just click into place and make sense? Describe. This week is my final week. I was assigned to another nurse, Chelsea, at labor and delivery because my preceptor had to trainRead MoreProfessional Development And Lifelong Learning1307 Words   |  6 PagesClark, 2010, p. 38). As a nurse, I continue to assess my current status professionally and personally, as well as plan my professional development for the future. Professional Self-Assessment It was not until I graduated high school and started college that I became completely determined and motivated to continuously improve my future and career. During my senior year in high school, my family underwent a difficult time with the death of my grandfather. He had been diagnosed with cancer and battledRead MoreThe Master s Of Science And Family Nurse Practitioner Distance Learning Program At University Of Cincinnati Essay944 Words   |  4 Pages I am writing to inform you of my interest in the Master’s of Science in Family Nurse Practitioner Distance Learning Program at University of Cincinnati. I have submitted my application with applicable documentation. When I graduated from high school, I had a different career path, which was to become a physician assistant. I obtained my Bachelor of Science from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2006 and then attended Virginia Tech in the fall of 2006 to take prerequisites prior to applying to